Realization of the project


Village said yes to tourism

The poll was held from 04. to 11. August 2003. in 23 streets. The aim of the poll was to find out the needs and wishes of the villagers and how they see them. In the poll, 421 households participated.
This great work with the poll was done as a teamwork, voluntary, by the members and friends of the association Schlos in Golubinci.. There were 43 questions, and 18,103 answers were processed. All those who contributed to the poll deserve gratitude and praise because, as far as I know, only Golubinci have such a significant data base in the Municipality.
The first thing to be noticed and concluded from the poll is that the village had already entered the transition long time ago, and that there is readiness to enter a new cycle of building new quality of life. The poll shows that the villagers are interested in development of a new business - village tourism.
The question: When we together prepare Golubinci for tourism, would your household get involved with it?, got yes as the answer from 255 households (60,6%). The question: In your opinion, what is the most valuable in the village that you would show to tourists?, 65,8% answered in the following sequence : Schlos, Vodice, churches, old school, barns, life in the village, and horses.
The conscience about the importance of the cultural heritage as a common good of the village exists, but the concept of its real value as a cultural monument being the identity of the life of the village continuously has not been entirely formed. This will probably happen when the village restores them and gives them new social and economic function.
The Schlos Castle, has a long and interesting history both as a building and a cultural monument. It was built in 1767.while Golubinci were Boarder Administration of Europe. There are several other buildings from that period and they are protected as cultural monuments. In 1813. Karadjordje stayed in Schlos. The role of Karadjordje was important for the establishment of new Serbian statehood resembling Europe of that time. It is very important for a civilized attitude towards cultural values historical heritage to be established. Now, it is the time to show maturity and capability to our past and to give it importance and new function for 21. century because the village can benefit from that through development of tourism. In this way, we can preserve historical memory, with creativity and in constructive manner.
The village has changed the structure of the inhabitants. In the village, there are 32.5% of refugees, and 64,4% declared they were natives. With high school there are 30.6%, with college 3.4%, university 2.7%, 14.3% declared themselves as poor, unemployed 15.6%, and only 24% of the examined is engaged solely with agriculture.
To the question: Have you kept any objects such as handmade things, etc? only 24.9% answered yes which means that there are very few things from the past left.
If no measures are taken immediately, the village will lose both objects and knowledge from the traditional farming life. Tourism is a way to preserve memories and objects and give them new function for new inhabitants.
Through this poll, the village has shown that changes happened in it a while ago, that it possesses the wealth of human resources, that they want tourism and that they see possibilities for the progress of the village through it - 71.3% of the examined declared so.
It is time for politicians to show their wisdom and good will, and not to ignore and neglect the wish of its inhabitants and voters. Thus, they will show that dealing with politics was a way to achieve social progress, and not for personal benefit.

Village encircled with black locust trees

Students and pupils, together with Mira Stanisavljevic, planted 500 seedlings of locust trees and 300 seedlings of evodia supervized by the professor of the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade Dr Stevan Dozic and inspectors from the Municipality.

Not long ago, there was a new protective green belt around Golubinci raised, it is an enclosed field. The association Schlos in Golubinci got seedlings from the competition of the Secretariat for Agriculture, Waterpower and Forestry of Vojvodina. These tree belts are crucial for Vojvodina because Vojvodina is one of the barest areas in Europe.
Planting was implemented under the supervision and based on the project of the professor Dr Stevan Drozic from the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade Dr Stevan Dozic and inspectors from the Municipality. The planting and handling of the seedlings took over Mira Stanisavljevic on behalf of the Association , and Joca Mijatovic and Djura Veselinovic joined her.
The planting began in the presence of the professor Dozic, who came to Golubinci together with 30 of his students from the Faculty of Forestry who started the green belt with the planting of locust trees. Mira Stanisavljevic was their host.
On the second day, the pupils from the local primary school, 75 of them, came with their teachers. Mira, Joca and Djura continued planting with them. They planted 500 locust trees and 300 evodia. On the third day, the pupils of the second and third grade joined the action with their teachers and they watered the seedlings.
This was a real partnership in action for better future. Al the participants deserve sincere congratulations and gratitude of the inhabitants of the village, because with this green belt, the village will be protected from winds, bees will get more nectar, and Golubinci will be greener and nicer.
We gave 37 seedlings. to the Local Community Office to plant them where they like. Wherever they are, it will be greener for all of us.