Association “Slos in Golubinci”

This association was established 27.10.2001. as a non governmental, non profit association, and it was registered with the Federal Ministry of Justice. The members of the association are the inhabitants of the village as well as all friends of Golubinci from Serbia and Montenegro.

Why are we called “Slos in Golubinci”?

Because the Slos Castle is the oldest preserved building and has become the symbol of the village Golubinci. “According to the information of the late historian Z. Secanski, it is obvious that the project “SLOS” was finished in 1767. and that it was built by the Government of Vojna Krajina (“Military Border”) in Austria - Hungary. This cultural monument has kept all its features of the military architecture of Vojna Krajina. Karadjordje stayed in Slos in 1813. from where he was taken to the Petrovaradin Fortress. Thus, this cultural monument has not only architectural, but also historical significance” (Gazzette of the Conservationists` Association, No 19, Dj. Zlatovic).

We were motivated by the Schlos itself to get organized to renovate it, and give it back its old splendour and beauty, to give it a new function and new content - to join the beautiful with the useful, to extend the life of the Schlos, and to offer to the young, to tourists and to other visitors the proof of the vitality of the village.

We have taken the year of 2004. because it is the year which mark the historical significance of Karadjordje in development of Serbia. The inhabitants of Golubinci, as well as other citizens of Serbia, are modern nations of Europe and, renovating this building, they want to mark the last place in which Karadjordje stayed - this is the debt to the civilization of all of us and of the Serbian State.